Part friendly non toxic water based

Chemical Stripping

Alloy wheels shown before and after chemical stripping, ready for powder coating.

We have an in-house chemical stripping facilities, Our chemical dipping process is suitable for the removal of paint, rust and underseal from individual panels to multiple parts. Its chemical formulation strips away contaminants from all internal and external areas, leaving a clean metal surface ready to paint.

What is it?

A highly effective water based paint stripping process which is part friendly as it is non-toxic, biodegradable with low VOC emissions and non ozone depletant. Our chemical paint stripping process is safe for use on most metal components including steel and aluminium.

How it works?

On arrival all parts are de-greased and cleaned of any loose material before being placed into an immersion tank.

Our heated immersion tanks are highly effective for removing a wide range of coatings including Urethane, Latex, lead paints, alkyd pains, varnish and most twin pack and fusion epoxy coatings from various substrates. This chemical stripping process breaks down coatings into paint skins and most coatings are lifted in a time scale of a matter of minutes to a few hours depending on the paint type and coating thickness.

Once stripped the components are stripped they are rinsed with water to remove chemical residues. A de-watering solvent can be applied to provide superior rust preventative properties. A very thin oily film is left on the part to treat components against corrosion for up to 9 months if stored inside and up to 3 months if stored outside.

Exceptional Quality Standards

All parts are inspected on arrival, the condition documented with photos and any damage noted. The inspection report and statement of works is emailed to the client for approval.

Once approved by the client, the finishing processes can begin. On completion the part is inspected again. The QA report, photos and invoice are emailed to the client.

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Safe on Metal

Part friendly water based chemical stripping process

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Fast, reliable and high quality service.

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Nationwide Collection and Delivery Service.

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Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Powder Coating.

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