14 July 2018 Adam Heavens

It’s been a while…

Over a year in fact since our first blog post, we have been busy developing the technology required to support autonomous electric vehicles.

The feedback received so far for the motor and inverter technology has been overwhelming we are achieving 300kW per controller and are in the process of fine tuning the torque vectoring algorithm to not only give better performance on the track but more importantly improved handling in adverse weather conditions.

We are working on the machine learning neural networks to teach the vehicles how to drive which is the easiest part of the problem. The many edge cases are much harder to solve such as driving at night in thick fog on country roads.

The development and deployment cycle has been greatly improved by the ability to push out updates OTA rather then manually updating the firmware.

I look forward to sharing some videos and performance statistics with you over the coming months but wanted to share our excitement with the progress we are making now.