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    I’m unable to charge

    1. Check if there are any lights on your unit. if there’s no light, it means that there’s no power.
      1. Go to your consumer unit and check if the fuse of your unit has tripped. if it has tripped then put it back in the ON position.
      2. If it trips again straight away, please contact us.
      3. If it stays on ON, check your charge point for lights.
      4. If there are still no lights please contact us.
    2. Check if your charger is disabled by using your app or check the status lights. A charger that is Disabled will not charge.
    3. Check the status of your charger in the app or on desktop. if the status shows as “Fault”, please contact us.

    I can’t charge at 7kw

    1. Check with your car manufacturer that your car support 7kw AC charging.
    2. If your car supports 7kw AC, please contact us with the current charge power.

    I can’t charge at 22kw

    1. Check with your car manufacturer that your car support 22kw AC charging.
    2. Check that you have a 22kw cable (you can check your original order).
    3. Check that you have a three-phase supply. You can confirm this by going to your consumer unit or your distribution board. it should be written “3-phase” on it.
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