Media Blasting

We have in house media blasting facilities allowing us to refurbish parts up to 600mm x 500mm x 400mm using aluminium oxide as the abrasive blasting media.

When used as a blasting media, aluminium oxide is crushed, screened and sized to meet industry ANSI standards. It is a tough, medium density abrasive known to be cost-effective in blasting processes due to its recyclability. In addition, aluminium oxide blast media is known for its high density and angular sharpness, which makes it among the most versatile of the blasting media types for use in both wet and dry blasting processes.

We utilise high purity Aluminium oxide media resulting in a very clean and sharp finish on the part.

Exceptional Quality Standards

All parts are inspected on arrival, the condition documented with photos and any damage noted. The inspection report and statement of works is emailed to the client for approval.

Once approved by the client, the finishing processes can begin. On completion the part is inspected again. The QA report, photos and invoice are emailed to the client.

Next Step

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We can finish mass produced parts or help with your restoration, carefully colour matching were required.

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