Wide range of colours and surface finishes

Specialist Coatings are able to offer a wide range of powder coating colours and surface finishes, including traditional powder coating surface finishes and a hybrid of powder coating and wet paint systems. This usually involves a powdered primer or base coat which is cured, A wet coat is then applied and a powdered lacquer before a final cure. This hybrid powder coating method enables use to offer Reflection, Transition and a wide range of OEM colours.

When selecting a surface finish for your part there are 4 choices that need to be made to get the end result you desire.

1 - Primer

  • No Primer
  • Epoxy Zinc
  • Edge Primer

2 - Colour

3 - Texture

  • No texture
  • Textured
  • Ripple/Leatherette
  • Hammerite
  • High Temperature
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Clear or Tinted

4 - Gloss Level

  • Matt - Between 20% and 30% gloss
  • Semi-gloss - Around 60-65% gloss
  • Gloss - At least 80% upto 85%

We have a wide range of colours and surface finishes available from stock. If you have a colour requirement that we do not stock we are usually able to source within 24 hours.


We stock powder and wet paint systems from the following manufacturers



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