NetGain ImPulse 9 Motor

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ImPulse 9 – Double ended shaft – advanced timing, 1.125″ / 28.5mm CE Shaft, 1.125″ / 28.5mm DE Shaft

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This is a 9.25″ / 235mm diameter, series wound DC motor with a double ended shaft and is pre-drilled to allow for brush advance in either Neutral, advanced CWDE or advanced CCWDE (standard). The ImPulse 9 Motor share many of the internal components found in our WarP 9  Motor, but has the mounting pattern and pilot to match 8″ motors .

The drive shaft is bored for a pilot bearing and drilled & tapped for a 5/16 – 18 bolt. The tail shaft also has a 1/4 – 20 bolt hole to mount tach sensors or secure couplers and accessories. Class “H” insulation is used throughout the motor. The drive shaft and tail shaft have standard keyways cut into them.

  • Type: Series wound DC
  • Diameter: 9.25” / 235mm
  • Length: 13.60” / 345mm (face-face)
  • Weight: 129 lbs / 13.2 kg
  • HP: 30 (Continuous @ 144V)
  • RPM: 5,800
  • Torque: 70 lbs.-ft. @ 450 Amps
  • Shaft: Double or Single ended
  • Timing: Favoured or neutral (User selectable)
  • Mounting: Industry standard configuration
  • Brushes: Dual wafer Helwig Carbon Red top
  • Insulation: Class “H” Terminal
  • Studs: 1/2”
  • Fan: High efficiency 15 blade

Dual Wafer Helwig Carbon Brushes

Extra large brushes are designed for the high voltages and currents used by today’s electric vehicles. Our motors use specially formulated, high performance brushes manufactured exclusively for our motors by Helwig Carbon. The split brush design offers longer brush life and better commutation. Four wires go into each high performance brush (two per wafer) versus the more common single wire per brush.

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