22 July 2019 Adam Heavens

Specialist Coatings oven build complete

Our Specialist Coatings division utilise Electric ovens for the curing of powder coating (PPC). To increase the size of items that can be finished and amount we can process in each batch a larger oven was required. Rather then go with the typical gas powdered pass through ovens used in the industry we have just completed the design, build and commissioning of our purpose built oven. The oven includes an over head rail system for easy loading and unloading of parts that goes straight through the oven with loading and unloading available from both ends. The oven has clear entry of 3.6m x 2.5m x 2.6m with the longest possible length we can fit corner to corner of 4.4m.

The plant consumes 60amps during heat up and gets up to 200 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes. Improving our batch processing times and more importantly doing so while maintaining the high surface finish we are known for.

Falcon Electric Powder Coating Oven

For a quote or help with your powder coating needs please email specialist.coatings@falconelectric.co.uk for a response within an hour.