Our Technology business develops the innovative technology going into the next generation electric vehicles. From connectivity, computer vision and AI to performance electric drive trains and energy storage systems.

Battery Pack Assembly

Falcon Electric can design and build batteries from a single cell  up to 1000V systems with redundant battery management systems and full CANBUS integration all in house in the UK.  Learn More


The future is all about connected vehicles, drivers and manufactures. Falcon Electric have developed a suite of vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to driver and vehicle to manufacture communication systems to ensure information is always available in the right place at the right time.

FalconEdge (FE) was developed to provide connectivity, monitoring and remote updates to our autonomous vehicles and is now being utilised across all our solution set including smart EV chargers. FE is tightly integrated into FalconCloud using secure API’s to provide an intuitive UI allowing users to benefit from always on 4G connectivity capable of being remotely updated, monitored and to allow us to view real time reports and health status.

This real time feedback and health monitoring allows us to quickly roll out software updates and guarantee they are installed in a fail safe manner. This high frequency data collection and monitoring also allows us to sync the drivers profile. A driver can log into any Falcon Electric vehicle and their settings are automatically applied, adjusting the seat/mirrors and any other preferences they have saved in their profile.


FalconCloud (FC) is web based based management portal covering all aspects of our business to ensure a streamlined process of manufacturing, in-life support and reporting.

  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Billing and reporting
  • System monitoring and configuration
  • Remote Updates
  • Health Status and Alarm Notifications
  • Schedule Charging
  • Load Balancing
  • Open Charge Point Protocol 2.0 (OCPP)
  • Open Smart Charging Protocol 1.0 (OSCP)
  • Third Party back office API


FalconVision (FV) is our Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) solution combining state of the art sensors/camera and machine learning to enhance the drivers abilities. Improving safety, and performance while adding features such as Valet Parking, AutoPilot, Driver Monitoring and full level 5 autonomy. Allowing the car to take over the driving when you don’t want to in any road situation

Energy Storage

Combining technology from the best cell manufacturers with our battery management system (BMS) to create energy dense storage systems to power the next generation of electric vehicles.

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